Unicorn Rubber Duck

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  • Be enchanted by our wonderful unicorn rubber duck! It combines the magic of unicorns with the charm of the classic rubber duck and will turn your bathing experience into a squeaky dream. With its snow-white color, the majestic unicorn and its colorful mane and tail, this rubber duck is the ultimate eye-catcher! Our unicorn rubber duck is not only a hit for children, but also for all young at heart adults who want a pinch of magic in their everyday lives. It is the perfect gift for all unicorn lovers who want to be carried away into the magical world of mythical creatures while bathing. Whether as a small gift in between meals or as an original birthday gift — this rubber duck always looks good!

    Dimensions: L: 10 cm W: 7 cm H: 8.5 cm

    Squeak hole: Yes

    Floats upright: No

    Material: vinyl

    Recommended age: For children aged 18 months and over

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