Jumbo Jax Set

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  • Bring the classic game of Jax to a new generation with the Jumbo Jax Set. Now with larger pieces, this game takes on a new challenge.
    Bounce the ball into the air, and pick up one Jack piece and the ball, before the ball has a chance to bounce a second time. On your second turn, try collecting two Jax. Keep going, adding one Jack to the challenge with each turn. The player with the most Jax at the end of the game wins. If you fail to collect the Jax and the ball bounces a second time, then you are set back one turn. Be quick, and have your reflexes ready to play this classic game that challenges your hand-eye coordination.
    - 10 Jumbo Jax pieces (1 1/2 inches each)
    - 2 high-bounce balls
    - Classic game re-imagined
    - Recommended for ages 5 and older